Display Custom Build Steps in the Team Build IDE

Once you start overriding targets and creating a more complex build project, you may find that the minimal build steps provided in the build IDE get a little frustrating. There are a few samples that show how to display custom Build steps, but no usable task. I’ve written a stripped down task and am making it available for download.

To use this task, simply add the task to any sections of your TFSBuild.proj file where you would like a custom step to be displayed.


With no custom steps, the build would look like this:

By adding

<Target Name=”AfterGet”>
<ShowBuildStep TeamFoundationServerUrl=”$(TeamFoundationServerUrl)” BuildUri=”$(BuildURI)”
BuildStep=”…Preparing compilation Environment“/>

…[your code]…  </Project>

you get

Remember to import the task in your TFSBuild.proj file (e.g. <Import Project=”D:\BuildTools\FreeToDev.Tasks” />)

Note: This assembly is signed. When queried you should get a public key of: 10d297e8e737fe34


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