Microsoft StyleCop ships

To quote their blog:

We have just released an update to StyleCop 4.3 which contains a number of bugfixes as well as a small number of new features. In particular:

  • Ability to use <include> tags within Xml header documentation to pull docs from external files.
  • Get accessor in property required to appear before set accessor
  • .generated.cs files ignored by default


  • 18: Partial methods not handled correctly
  • 31: Documentation rules should understand <include> element
  • 56: Require get accessor before set accessor
  • 63: When documenting a generic class, only allows <see cref=”MyClass”/> and not <see cref=”MyClass`1″/>.
  • 70: Analysis of files in websites crashes Visual studio 2005 and 2008
  • 74: SA1623 and SA1624 warnings appears in wrong situations
  • 82: ‘using’ statement does not require curly brackets
  • 88: Class without explicit access modifier marked as “public” instead of “internal”
  • 90: False warning: SA1119: The line contains unnecessary parenthesis
  • 93: Ignore .generated.cs files
  • 94: Style Cop Crashes With A Blank Definition File
  • 95: SA1101 isn’t raised in method calls when the return value of the method is used.
  • 98: VS crashed for webservices.
  • 121: False syntax error with a nullable generic type reference.
  • 124: LINQ operator “let” cause SA0101 when used with “condition ? true : false” syntax
  • 151: False syntax error with a defaulted array.

Please upgrade to the new version, especially if you are hit by the crash in web projects.”



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