MSBuild Extension Pack – One Year On

balloons Twelve months ago today the first release of the MSBuild Extension Pack was released on CodePlex. It’s been an amazing twelve months! A big highlight has been the day to day dealing with contributors from around the globe. Without the feedback and contributions, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

It continues to encourage me when I see the weird and wonderful ways that people adopt both MSBuild as a technology and the building blocks that the Extension Pack provides. Other highlights of the last twelve months have to include the relatively low bug count and the consistent stream of downloads.

Looking at the past year from a statistics point of view we have

Releases 4
Change Sets 221
Official Developers 17
Downloads 26800+
Lines 35000+ (up 23000+)
Tasks 300+ (up 150+)
Visits 46800+
Page Views 118900+

The next release on our radar is which should ship in early to mid December 2009. As a product, we haven’t seen any change to MSBuild, however the ‘big’ 4.0 release is on its way and in the Beta 2 timeframe you can expect to see a beta of the 4.0 Extension Pack.

I’d like to thank all those who have made contact over the last year and helped make the product better for all of us. I encourage you to continue with the feedback, be it good or bad.

Thank you!



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