Team Foundation Server goes Mainstream — VS 2010 Pricing

To use TFS with Visual Studio 2008 / 2005, you had to get hold of a second installer (Team Explorer) which if I remember correctly was not free at first, then was made freely available. You install it and then you have to try and find the menu that has a new menu item which lets you connect to a Team Foundation Server… If you were dedicated, you would find your way!

After starting up a fresh install of VS 2010 Beta 2 what do you see?


That’s right, easy access to connect to your Team Foundation Server. So that’s nice, but you’re a small company and SourceSafe works for you and Team Foundation Server costs thousands of $$$$. Right?

No. First, if you are using SourceSafe, product support will reach end of life in mid 2011. After that you will get extended support if you pay (handsomely). Second, TFS 2010 has been priced to appeal to the smaller development teams too. Below is the suggested retail pricing in USD.



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