Welcome back ‘Live Mesh’

So it appears that Live Mesh is coming back. Good riddance Live sync. I did a comparison of the Live Sync Beta 1, Live Mesh and Dropbox a few weeks ago (available here). Beta 2 didn’t appear to bring anything new to the table, so I didn’t bother updating it.

So lets be clear. Live Mesh is not coming back. We are getting a renamed Live Sync which still has a long way to go before it can be considered a worthwhile update to the original Live Mesh and compete with others out there like Dropbox and SugarSync. What we now know is that

  • 5Gb free cloud storage space is back
  • We will be able to see what files are waiting to sync

Personally, I’ve found the 2011 Essentials release frustrating enough to make me switch to alternative programs (Digsby, Picasa, Dropbox) and I’ve been blown over by them. More than that, my family have switched to them too and they wonder why I’ve never had them using them before! One exception to my disappointment is Live Writer, which just keeps getting better.

It’s great the Live team is listening to feedback and I look forward to the RTM.


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