Controlled Vocabulary Updates


UPDATED: 28 Sep 2010 – Version is now available

I while back I blogged about a new CodePlex project I started called Controlled Vocabulary. The driving motivation behind this project is that Controlled Vocabulary is a more effective method of categorizing communication than an open tagging system, which is too subjective.

Initially the product only handled email communication and was designed around the understanding that a single Controlled Vocabulary Add-in would only target a single distribution alias. After much user feedback there has been quite a lot of progress and the latest release is definitely worth upgrading to.

I expect that most users are on version Version brings the following updates:

  • New: Support for multiple email accounts (Specify from=””)
  • New: Ability to specify recipients per button.
  • New: Basic Manager Application.
  • New: Offline support.
  • New: Full UAC support.
  • Fix: Low Priority Meetings were initiated as emails.
  • Fix: Menu caching bug.
  • Fix: Modal window bug.
  • Fix: Resolve recipients on render.
    The Manager application will soon lower the effort to create new buttons. For now it provides a way to quickly add / remove buttons and navigate to the configuration folder.
    26-09-2010 18-45-42

Please note that version only supports Office 2010. I will add support for Office 2007 as soon as I get the time. I have left version available on CodePlex for Office 2007 users.


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