MSBuild Extension Pack tops 50,000 downloads

Just after two years since launching, this past weekend saw a significant milestone for the MSBuild Extension Pack with it passing 50,000 downloads.

MSBEP Downloads

Around a year ago I blogged ‘MSBuild Extension Pack – One Year On’, now we can compare the second year to the first:

  Releases Change Sets Tasks Lines Downloads Visits Page Views
One Year On 4 221 300+ 35000+ 26800+ 46800+ 118900+
Two Years On 8 393 355+ 45000+ (4.x Branch) 50000+ 105700+ 287500+

December will see a smallish release to address some bugs that have been logged and to add a few new features. The first release in 2011 will be a larger release, though right now my spare time will be aimed at getting the TFS Build Extensions released and version 2 of MSBuild Explorer completed.


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