Rangers Lab Management Guide — Available now

Last week the ALM Rangers shipped the Lab Management Guide to CodePlex.


Project Description

This Visual Studio ALM Ranger project has the primary goal of delivering scenario based and hands-on guidance for the planning, setup, configuration and usage of Visual Studio Lab Management, backed by custom VM Template automation for reference environments.

Bookmark the Visual Studio Lab Management Guidance TOC blog and monitor the Visual Studio ALM Rangers blog, using tag tfslm, for the latest information on this project.

The Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010 VM Factory project is a companion solution, which is focused on the Virtual Machine (VM) Factory, used by and referred to by this guidance.

The following Epics summarize the scope of the guidance which is designed for professional deployment of Lab Management in production environments.

  • Visualisation of the guidance using quick reference posters
  • Advanced golden image management using the VM Factory for Lab Management
  • Provide guidance on setting up Test environments with respect to pre-defined personas
  • Provide Guidance to enable large and small teams to setup and configure both automated and manual tests
  • Provide practical guidance for managing and maintaining a Lab Management environment
  • Provide practical guidance to enable teams to quickly setup and configure their lab management environment

If you are working with Lab management or intend to, this should  be a valuable resource. This too is a ‘living  project’ and the Rangers would love to hear you feedback via the Discussions / Issues on CodePlex.


One Reply to “Rangers Lab Management Guide — Available now”

  1. The Visual Studio ALM Rangers just released two projects, the Build Customization Guide and the Lab Management Guide. Both projects provide real world, in-depth guidance and hands-on-labs (HOL) for planning and creating

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