Controlled Vocabulary 1.5 now available


This version provides a host of new features to address usability and adoption challenges.


What’s New and Improved

  • Packaged Button Discovery
  • It’s now easy to create a bunch of buttons and share them with users who can install them all in a few simple clicks. The sample below shows a configuration used to discover two buttons. The redesigned Manager makes importing this an easy task.

    <button name="yourbutton1" sourcePath="http://yoururl/"/>
    <button name="yourbutton2" sourcePath="y:\"/>

  • Full button updating
  • Buttons now support two types of updating. If you provide new menus but no new graphics, the button will simply update it’s structure as before. If you update graphics, you can specify a version for the button. If it detects a new version, the button will download and replace itself with the new content, including graphics.

  • Inline subject and recipient updating
  • Now if you start a meeting or email and then realise that you haven’t used Controlled Vocab, you can use the menus in the new item and the subject / recipients will be inserted for the current item. Take note of the new standardSuffix property to use in your buttons config.xml. It will be used to format your subject if you have already entered one.

  • Support for launching Hyperlinks from menus
  • This is a handy feature allowing you to combine a section of hyperlinks with your buttons. This may be helpful for storing project specific links making the button a great help to new Team starters.

    • Redesigned Manager

    The redesigned Manager makes discovering and managing buttons much easier.


  • Improved start-up performance
  • Improved updating
  • Various other technical improvements, all documented in the Online Documentation

What’s Fixed

  • Windows Client checks for updates

What’s Next

  • Address any v1.5 feedback / issues.
  • Improve recipient granularity
  • Improve Manager
  • Button Creation tooling

Note: Other than addressing v1.5 feedback / issues, future work on this tool will probably only happen early 2012 as I direct resource towards MSBuild Explorer 2.0 and other initiatives I’m involved with.

I hope you find this release useful… Mike

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