MSBuild Explorer v2 — it does exist…

Once again higher priorities have taken development time away from v2 and I did not make the July release date which I targeted. I’ve still got a bunch of things to do but this project is now high enough on the list to get some passionate time and I’m now aiming for a September release. To be honest, v2 has existed for some time, but it’s just too unstable to warrant a public release… sorry again for the delay and thanks for your patience.

Proof it exists! Below is the same file opened in v1 vs. v2



6 Replies to “MSBuild Explorer v2 — it does exist…”

    1. No. I’ve been over-committed on other work. I’d love to say ‘very soon’, but I’m juggling a few too many things as well as changing what I want to deliver in v2…. thanks for being patient!

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