Rangers Build Customization Guide v2 — we need your feedback


A few months ago the ALM Rangers released v1 of the Rangers Build Customization Guide. I was the Feature Lead for the Custom Activity Guidance in that release and will be assuming the role of Project Lead for v2.

This is the first time the ALM Rangers program has a non-Microsoft employee leading a Rangers project, so as well as a huge challenge, it’s a great privilege to be given the opportunity. Congrats to Francisco Fagas, another ALM MVP, who will lead the Architecture Tooling Guidance.

The biggest challenge we face in v2 is delivering content which you need. To that end, please let us know what areas you felt were lacking in v1 so we can add them to our backlog for review. The best place to provide this feedback is in the CodePlex site under Discussions, however if that’s too much of a barrier for you, email me directly. You’ll find my contact details here.

I’d like to stress that getting your feedback in soon will greatly help us in evaluating what we can deliver in v2.

I look forward to your feedback!



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