Community TFS 2010 Build Extensions – September 2011

We’ve just shipped the second stable release of the Community TFS 2010 Build Extensions. We shipped our first release in July and this release contains 28 changesets which provide new functionality and address a lot of feedback from our first release.

We were hoping to release a set of Azure and Amazon Web Services activities with this release, however they have not made the cut. We’ll endeavour to address this in our next release, ETA December 2011.

Please note that we’ve taken a backwards compatibility break in this release for the VsDevEnv task which Tiago Pascoal has significantly revamped (we already support VS11 Smile)…

Apologies for the slight delay in this release, but the contributors have been amazingly busy in the last few months. Mathias, Tiago, Guillaume, Richard and Jakob, thanks for your continued dedication!


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