ALM Rangers Sabbatical — mid flight in 48 hours

In January I had the honour of being awarded an ALM Rangers sabbatical based in Seattle, mostly Microsoft Building 41 in Redmond, but for those who live outside a 200mile radius of Seattle, let’s just call it Seattle for simplicity.

Unfortunately, that trip and the opportunity to present at an internal Microsoft conference was cruelly cut short by illness and I found myself back home much sooner than anticipated. On the plus side I was humbled by the response from those at Microsoft hosting me, and that coupled by the opportunity to meet and liaise with the team responsible for the biggest change in the Visual Studio IDE ever, makes me still look back on the experience as worthwhile and rewarding.

I got value from the trip, I provided valuable feedback to the UE team, but my other objectives were cut short, so the contribution I could make to improving the ALM Rangers community was limited.

I’ll be honest and sum up that sabbatical as Mike : 1/2, Microsoft  : 1/2, ALM Rangers : 0

Amazingly I find myself around 48 hours away from being back in the air on my way back to Building 41, the team who looked after me so graciously and the opportunity to present again, not once, but twice at an in internal Microsoft conference. With a great set of objectives in place and lot of preparation I’m hoping that I can report back from a successful sabbatical in a week or so time, having left Seattle happy with a much better scorecard for the Microsoft Visual Studio teams I’ll engage and the ALM Rangers community who I will be championing for.


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