ALM Rangers Build Customization Guide v2 has shipped

The final release has been posted to CodePlex



If you have read v1 and are eager to only see the new bits, below is a snippet from the guide outlining the new parts.

What’s New in the 2nd Edition

This is the 2nd major release of the ALM Rangers Build Customization Guide. In this release we have addressed many reader feedback issues, included guidance for integration with other technologies and updated the guidance posters and Hands-on Labs throughout so that they are compatible with the latest version of Team Foundation Server, Team Foundation Server 2012.

To assist those who have read the first publication of this guidance, the major new sections included in this second edition are

  • What’s new in Team Foundation Build 2012 – page 23
  • Running Unit Tests within the Build Process – page 32
  • Working Effectively with Build Triggers – page 53
  • The Team Foundation Build API – page 93
  • Using Team Foundation Build in Heterogeneous Environments – page 114
  • Integrating with NuGet – page 199
  • Integrating with Windows Azure – page 204
  • Deploying SharePoint Packages – page 223
  • Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Team Foundation Build – page 231
  • Using ClickOnce with Team Foundation Build – page 232

In addition to these new sections we have provided two new Hands-on Labs

  • HOL – What’s new in Team Foundation Build 2012
  • HOL – Team Foundation Build integration with Windows Azure

We appreciate that there is a lot to read and while you may be tempted to jump to the sections highlighted, we see value in spending time reading the guidance in full. You may encounter information you missed before or identify guidance which you feel needs clarification. We would love to hear from you!

This adventure started a year ago and it’s a big relief to see this project and many of the other ALM Ranger projects shipping on the eve of the Visual Studio 2012 launch.

I’d like to thank all those involved with this release, whose commitment and drive ensured we could maintain momentum for a very lengthy time and deliver on schedule. Below are the people who made this release happen

André Dias, Bijan Javidi, Brandon Hawbaker, Carsten Duellmann, Jakob Ehn, Fabio Stawinski, Jahangeer Mohammed, Jens Suessmeyer, Jim Lamb, John Jacob, John Spinella, Mark Nichols, Matthew Wilson, Mike Douglas, Mike Fourie, Petr Moravek, Richard Fennell, Tiago Pascoal, Tony Feissle, William Bartholomew, Willy-Peter Schaub

Thanks so much guys and I look forward to our FY13 adventures.


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  1. Hi Mike,

    We are looking for volunteers to author guest blog posts and articles at The website is in planning stage and we are aiming to make it a single destination for all ALM content including video, tutorials, events and articles. We would welcome any advise that ALMRangers would have for us.

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