Community TFS Build Extensions – Aug 2012

Community TFS Build Extensions

We just pushed out the August 2012 release of the TFS Build extensions. This wraps up over 90 change sets which address new features and bug fixes.

The August 2012 release contains

  • VS2010 Activities(target .NET 4.0)
  • VS2012 Activities (target .NET 4.5)
  • Community TFS Build Manager VS2010
  • Community TFS Build Manager VS2012
    Both the Community TFS Build Managers can also be found in the Visual Studio Gallery here where updates will first become available. Please note that we only intend to fix major bugs in the 2010 version and will concentrate our efforts on the 2012 version of the TFS Build Manager.

At a high level, the following Issues and Features have been addressed


  • 11088    VSDevEnv activity passes incorrect configuration to VS 2003    Issue
  • 10560    Sync Build Number & File Version    Feature
  • 10860    NUnit activity does not use TestTimeout argument.    Issue
  • 10785    App Pool Name Cannot Be Specified with a Variable?    Feature
  • 10996    VB6 activity fails if the build is set to not copy to drop    Issue
  • 7695      Web Deployment Configuration Transform Activity    Feature
  • 10623    Implement Sms Activity    Feature
  • 10569    Custom Activity SQLExecute has code error in parsing parameters    Issue
  • 10584    SqlExecute activity – public properties should be InArguments    Issue
  • 10619    Add a Read action to AssemblyInfo activity to be able to read the current values.    Feature
  • 10843    Internal number for dev11 is incorrect    Issue
  • 10618    AssemblyInfo activity doesn’t support attribute name suffixes with Attribute    Issue

TFS Build Manager

  • 10448    Functionality for managing build controllers and agents    Feature
  • 11008    Bug: Enable Builds    Issue
  • 10691    TFSBM – Set Triggers    Feature
  • 10148    Feature: Build Notes    Task
  • 10690    TFSBM – Edit Build Definition    Feature
    Note: If you are using the Azure Activities in VS2010 you should continue to use the April release. We will release a new build of this activity once we resolve the current VS2012 dependency which has been introduced.

Thanks again to the team of contributors for making this release happen.


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