MSBuild Extension Pack – April 2013

MSBuild Extension Pack

I’m pleased to announce the availability of the MSBuild Extension Pack April 2013 release.

The April 2013 release contains

  • version for those using .Net 3.5
  • version for those using .Net 4.0 or 4.5

Updated online help is now live @ and the Nuget package has been updated to 1.2.0

    This release consolidates 100+ change sets and contains the following high level changes
  • Around 5 new Tasks / TaskActions
  • Around 22 improvements covering Documentation, new attributes and behaviour
  • Around 10 bug fixes
  • No backwards compatibility breaks

For full details of all changes please see the changesets listed on CodePlex and the Issues resolved with this release.

Please note that from this release going forward effort is being concentrated on the 4.0 library with the 3.5 library only getting fixes. This is not a strict rule and the 3.5 library may get new functionality if it makes sense, however we encourage users to adopt the .NET 4 and 4.5 frameworks to get the full functionality available.

As always, thanks to all the contributors for the support and the users for the feedback.

Enjoy, and keep it coming…


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