Extending Visual Studio Team Explorer 2012 + MyHistory Extension


In the June 2013 edition of MSDN Magazine I cover some of the internals of Team Explorer 2012 and how you can extend it. The article can be found here – Extending Visual Studio Team Explorer 2012.

I’ve also hosted the sample code for the MyHistory extension on CodePlex (contributions and feedback welcome), as well as the Extension Gallery for easy updates.

I hope you find the article and sample helpful.


12 Replies to “Extending Visual Studio Team Explorer 2012 + MyHistory Extension”

  1. Hello Mike,

    I read your article on MSDN magazine, nice job!! Can you let me know that if we can get a reference to the existing pages and change their behaviour. For example, I want to get an handle of the Pending Changes Explorer window and intercept the Check-In process. In TFS 2010 I created got a COM handle and I was able to hook in my logic in Before and After Execute events for the command.

  2. Hi. Great article. Question:
    The extension does not work well with the visual Studio “Black” theme. It still has blue letters on a black background which you can’t read. How would I update it to work well with the black theme?

    1. Hi Cameron

      You could download the code from https://myhistory.codeplex.com and submit a patch for all of us :-). As you can tell, I’m no UI guru, but I suspect you just need to set the appropriate property, e.g. in ChangesetsSectionView.xaml you will see

      I need a property for the hover which is currently too light and property for the hyperlink.

      I’ll try get some time next week to take a better look, but if you fix it first, please share the patch.



  3. Hi Mike,

    We recently started using Visual Studio 2012 (after using Visual Studio 2005 for the last 7 years). The new layout takes some getting used to! 🙂

    I found your article in the June 2013 issue of MSDN Magazine. I downloaded the source code. I am running in debug mode (with the solution open in VS 2012 I simply hit F5). I do not see the ‘My History’ link in the “experimental” instance of Visual Studio.

    However, I do see this: “To use My Work to multi-task and manage your changes, you must enable the feature on the server.”

    Does your ‘My History’ Extension require that the same feature be enabled or should it work regardless?

    Thank you!

    Glen J Fergo
    Lead Web Developer, Henry Schein, Inc.

    1. Hi Glen

      My Work would need to be enabled. There is another issue whereby My Work is not visible when connecting to TFS2010 and also My Work is only available in Premium and Ultimate. To resolve this I may move the shortcut to an area that is always visible like Pending Changes.

      I’ll take a look at it shortly…


    2. Glen, take a look at 1.3 which I just published. It changes MyHistory to a NavigationItem so you see it regardless of SKU or TFS version you are connecting to.


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