Community TFS Build Extensions – Sep 2013

The latest roundup of contributions to the community effort is now available – September 2013 release.


For those who manage lots of builds we’ve added some great new features and fixes to the Build Manager including:


·       NEW – Search and replace workspace mappings

·       NEW – Filter Build Definitions via text

·       NEW – Access build logs in web access

·       NEW – Build Duration and Agent Name columns

·       NEW – Friendly Trigger Names

·       NEW – Easily queue high priority builds

·       NEW – Clone to Project

·       FIX – Case insensitive comparisons when changing drop location of existing builds

·       FIX – Invalid Project Reference issue

·       FIX – Only change & save the new process template only if it’s a different one

·       FIX – UI typo in Change Drop Location screen


Be sure to check out the growing set of hands-on documentation….


Enjoy — Mike


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