MyHistory – Peace to the Dark Side

In June 2013 I blogged about Extending Visual Studio Team Explorer 2012 + MyHistory Extension. Since then I’ve had some great feedback and the extension has been updated 6 times to address this feedback. A long outstanding bug with regards to ‘proper’ theme support has finally been resolved withe the latest releases for Visual Studio 2012 ( and Visual Studio 2013 ( If you’ve not played with the extension since the original MSDN Magazine article version, this is what’s changed:

Work Item Fixes – work items sorted by changed date & return last 10 rather than T-3 days. This means that if you come back to your computer after 4 days you still see what you were working on.

VS2010 Support – MyHistory changed from NavigationLink to NavigationItemimage








General Fixes – Better theme support, scrolling support, changed the order of the Sections and added NavigationLinks which show more data (250 vs 10 items)image










Visual Studio 2013 Support – this works in the Release Candidate and I don’t expect any issues with the RTM05-10-2013 12-39-08








As someone who uses several computers and TFS connections throughout the day, this extension saves a bunch of time for me.

What next?

When I get a few spare cycles I’ll probably add Builds as a section so you can see the last 10 or so builds you initiated, either manually or by some trigger. What do you think? Is there some other part of your daily Visual Studio life that you’d like to see in the extension?


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