MSBuild Extension Pack – October 2013

MSBuild Extension Pack

The MSBuild Extension Pack October 2013 release is now available.

The October 2013 release contains

  • version for those using .Net 3.5
  • version for those using .Net 4.0 or 4.5

Updated online help is now live @ and the Nuget package(s) will be updated early next week.


Please consult the Changeset page for all associated changes and you can get details of associated work here. At a high level this release brings the following

TFS2013\TeamBuild.cs: New support for TFS2013
Sql2014\*: Adding initial support for upcoming SQL 2014
Sql2012\Database.cs: New TaskAction=”ScriptData”
Sql2008\Database.cs: New TaskAction=”ScriptData”
Computer\Registry.cs: New TaskAction=”DeleteValue” and TaskAction=”CheckValueExists”. Thanks Sean B. Durkin. Resolves 11962
TFS2012\TeamBuild.cs: New support for TFS2012.

TFS2010\12\TeamBuild.cs: Fix documentation.
TFS2010,TFS2012\TeamBuild.cs: Fix documentation
Fix 64Bit Tasks location
CodeQuality\NUnit.cs: Add FailOnFailures property to re-enable batching functionality. Resolves 11967
Web\HttpWebRequest.cs: Fix to allow empty string RequestContent Post. Resolves 11945
Framework\ILMerge.cs: Fix GenerateFullPathToTool to use ToolPath if provided
Fix 3.5 installer to include SQL2012. Up versions to 14
Framework\Metadata.cs: Update Docs to resolve 11903
AssemblyInfo\AssemblyInfo.cs: Fix handling of single line c# comments.

Populate User Principal Name when populating users.
IIS7\IIS7Website: Add support for specifying identifier on Create.
Framework\XmlFile.cs: Add ReadChildrenToMetadata property to be used with ReadElements. Fix Sample file.
Subversion\Svn: Additional error logging
Web\HttpWebRequest.cs: Enable HttpWebRequest – set contentType for Request
Subversion\Svn.cs: Fix 11734 – Add CommitMesssage property to the Svn commit action
Subversion\Svn.cs: Fix 11742 – Error message “Invalid output from SVN tool” is too broad
UI\ConfirmForm, MessageForm, PromptForm: Make the UI dialogs PromptForm, ConfirmForm, MessageForm top-most. Fix rendering issue with confirmform. Make all startup @ center screen



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