Community TFS Build Extensions – Oct 2013

Community TFS Build Extensions

The latest roundup of contributions to the community effort is now available – October 2013 release.

As well as the handful of changes listed below, we are happy to announce a new addition to our delivery, PowerShell scripts. Over time we hope to build out a library of scripts that can be plugged into your builds with very little effort. You can get up to speed on PowerShell scripting in Visual Studio 2013 by reading the following: Run and pass data to scripts and programs and Run scripts in your Team Foundation Build process

Here’s a list of high level changes in the October release.

TFS Build Manager (the latest extension builds are on always the Gallery)

  • FIX – Remap workspace functionality throws exception for build controller not being set
  • NEW – TFSBM – allow deletion of build definitions using delete key
  • NEW – TFSBM – Display ID for definitions
  • NEW – Use VsixCompress to reduce vsix size


  • NEW – Allow sonar properties to be added or overwritten individually in the sonar activity
  • FIX – VS2013 – TransformConfig broken
  • FIX – PowerShell Activity adds an extra build message per Write-Host
  • FIX – GetLastGoodBuild activity does not respect build quality
  • FIX – Too deep recursion when associating merged changeset

Be sure to check out the growing set of hands-on documentation…

Thanks to the team for their continued efforts!


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