MyHistory 2 — hello Colleagues, what have you been up to?

In my MSDN Magazine article Extending Visual Studio Team Explorer 2012 + MyHistory Extension last year, I introduced a sample application called MyHistory which was targeted at the current user, enabling them to easily regain context / remember what they were recently doing.

Over the last few months I’ve had some great feedback and released several updates to the VS 2012 extension as well as a VS 2013 extension. One of the most interesting requests was to add the ability to view someone else’s history; initially I thought of it as a snooping feature but VS 2010 actually provided something similar and I frequently have someone at my desk or am at someone else’s desk and have to search for something one of us were working on.

In a recent update I added the ability to turn your history into anyone’s who you successfully searched on using the User Account or Display name of a colleague.


This worked, so long as you knew the correct data to input… There was no lookup feature, I didn’t want to pull down a list of users and you could only get context about one other user. Those are issues I’ve decided to address this in the ‘v2.0′ series of the extension which focuses on your colleagues’ history as well as yours… and yes, the extension will remain being called MyHistory πŸ™‚

The initial 2.0 builds for VS 2012/13 will be posted shortly. I’ve changed the extension from the sample quite a bit and now use page content rather than sections. I think this provides a cleaner UI for this particular extension. The MyHistory page contains what you expect, Work Items, Changesets and Shelvesets which you recently worked with as well as a link to Colleague History.


When you click Colleague History a new page opens which lists Work Items, Changesets and Shelvesets that have recently been worked upon across the Team Project (i.e. all users). You also get the ability to get more contextual info for a specific user. The list box is empty but as soon as you type in it, a list of users who have been recently active are populated so you should get some sort of auto-complete (no more remembering names!). Initially I cached this info but this first release doesn’t cache anything so you may see a slight delay in the population of names depending on your environment.


Future updates will bring more features aimed at getting a better view of colleague activity and I’d love to get some build history in there somewhere…


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