MSBuild Explorer 3

Way back in 2009 I released MSBuild Explorer 1 to help visualise MSBuild files and, perhaps more useful, to save and execute favourite sequences of targets. It took a long time but eventually I got version 2 out in beta, which looked nothing like what I first showed. In hindsight, calling it a beta was not correct as it was stable and did most of what I wanted it to do. About a month ago I silently released version 3 which does everything that users will be used to, as well as provide a more usable interface and a feature called BuildPad which is scratchpad to quickly create and execute MSBuild scripts.

Those using version 2 will not get prompted to update, you should uninstall version 2 and install version 3. They can run side by side if you really want to keep version 2. Another change in version 3 is that the project is now open source. Feel free to contribute code / ideas.




I hope you find it useful… Mike

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