Regular Expression Scratchpad

[ Download ] No new version of this, but in keeping with the trend, this is now open source too. I'll try get an update out soon to simplify it and provide a ClickOnce installer. Feel free to contribute at the project site.   Mike


Line Counter 4

[ Install ] I'm often asked how many lines of code there are in various systems. The problem is that there are many ways to answer that question. Some people care about real code, some only about certain files etc. With that in mind I've updated my pet Line Counter application to take in a …

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager — Now Available

Microsoft have finally released a public version of this great tool. Download. If you work with a lot of remote desktops, this tool will be an invaluable productivity boost to you! “RDCMan manages multiple remote desktop connections. It is useful for managing server labs where you need regular access to each machine such as automated …

MSBuild Sidekick 3.0 Released

Attrice have released the RTM of MSBuild Sidekick 3.0. This is a great UI over MSBuild. Take a look, it’s highly recommended. Mike

StyleCop is Open Source

Previously I noted that StyleCop was going open source and now its available, along with a beta release… So what next will Microsoft release as open source?


I recently went on a trip where another delegate showed off his flashy HTC Touch HD2 acting as a WIFI router. It’s a really neat feature and I was able to use it with my iPod Touch. I added that feature to my ‘must haves’ for my next phone, however I’m pleased to say that …