Team Foundation Server Build 2008 Reference DeskSheet – V2.0

A few minor updates. A handy reference to aid your work with building software in TFS 2008


Microsoft Team Build & MSBuild Desksheet 2.0

I've made some tweaks to the original Desksheet. If you are new to TeamBuild or MSBuild, then start with the original. The new version is more helpful for those with a bit more experience (though the same forgetful mind!). You can download it here. Note: All this information comes from MSDN. If you are looking …

Visual Studio Team & MSBuild DeskSheet

Following along the same lines of the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Query DeskSheet that I put together, here is a DeskSheet in pdf format summarising Microsofts build engines, MSBuild and Team Build which ships with Team Foundation Server.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Query DeskSheet

I've been doing some reading lately and made some notes (to myself) on various querying aspects of SQL 2005. As a reference, I've created a 'DeskSheet' so I have something to quicky refer back to... Here's the first version of it in pdf format. I'll be posting a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Programming DeskSheet in …