VS2015 Update 2 Debugging Fix

Update 9 May 16 – Looks like this patch keeps getting better. The latest build (14.0.25130.0) now integrates with the VS alerts so you will get notified of future updates (via ms)

If you need local contextual info while debugging then you will appreciate this KB which fixes the broken Update 2 – KB3151378. Personally I think the debugging is more broken than the symptoms outlined below but the fix seems to address all my issues.

Bugs that are fixed in version 14.0.25125.03, released on 3/30/2016

Issue 1: Visual Studio Update 2 contains a bug that frequently causes the program to freeze or crash when you use the Navigate To command in large solutions (more than 50 projects).

Issue 2: During Edit and Continue debugging, Visual Studio incorrectly reports an error when you edit async methods, iterator methods, async lambda expressions in C# and Visual Basic, or iterator lambda expressions in Visual Basic. This prevents the debugging session from continuing. This error is reported even for projects that target .NET Framework 4.5 or later versions. This is a regression from earlier Visual Studio releases.

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